Top 7 Reasons Long Locs Are a Pain

I know that everybody wants their locs to be super long immediately, even when they start them with a TWA (teeny weeny afro), but I’m going to expose the dark underbelly of having long locs…dun dun dun!!!

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1. You become the go-to loc guide / guru for everybody and their mama. I mean everybody. AND their mama. Actually, number one isn’t so bad. I enjoy sharing the natural hair love and encouraging other women to embrace their natural coils. But number two…

2. Your hair gets heavier as your locs grow, making whipping your hair back and forth impossible. (Sad face.)

3. Number two makes vigorous exercise a pain, too!

4. I can never seem to moisturize my hair enough. It is always thirsty.

5. Your hair gets caught in everything…and it HURTS. Your purse strap, your bookbag, zippers, you name it.

6. You sweat buckets in the summer. BUCKETS.Random Photos 049

7. Though you can do more style-wise with long hair, it’s entirely possible that the fanciest thing you do nowadays is a mid-rise ponytail. Won’t even go high. Too much. Do you know how long it took me to do this? Can’t go an inch higher. Noooope.

But, I must admit:

I love my hair more and more as I get older and they grow with me. We’ve been through so much together. And every time I say I’m going to cut them, I never get around to picking up those scissors. So I guess, long loc’d hair, you and I have many more memories to make.

Here’s to hair journeys!

How does your hair make you feel? Let me know!

Below are some great natural hair YouTube channels:

Naptural85 (she makes me miss loose natural hair!)

Chescalocs (Franchesca Ramsey–she makes me re-fall for locs over and over again)

HeyFranHey (she’s lifestyle, fitness, health, and haircare–she’s brilliant)

Lupita Nyong’o, the Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress this year, makes me want to cut all my hair clean off! Here’s why: Lupita Nyong’o’s Best Awards Season Hairstyles in 1 Place – The Cut.

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On (Black) Hair Discrimination

Hair blogger Jouelzy wrote an article about hair (type) discrimination. Read it here and watch this video on hair-typing (or this one, as it’s more concise.) After you read and watched, I’d like you all to share your thoughts on this poll below:

Let’s talk!

Happy hair-styling!




I was in Whole Foods not too long ago and I ran into Love + Toast, a natural body care company. I’ve been looking for a signature scent, and Honey Coconut made me fall in love! (They also have other scents, like Paper Flower, Mandarin Tea, and Sugar Grapefruit.) I probably could have sniffed that tester for an hour or so. But that would have been a little weird. Anyway, if you like fragrance and lotion, and you like cruelty-free, natural products, check them out.


Honey and coconut wishes,



Love + Toast: Natural, not Neutral


I’m Tired of All the Damned Splaining so Check Your Privilege, Please

Originally posted on Make Me a Sammich:

STOP I’m tired. So tired of all the splaining and the related derailing and domination of conversations about issues facing less privileged people by those who have more privilege in our society.

I have written about mansplaining before. Many men (who seem not to have read past the headline) get their feelings hurt by this because they automatically assume it applies to all men. If you do not engage in mansplaining, it does not apply to you. The same goes for what I have to say here: if the shoe fits, wear it.

All of us sit somewhere on a scale of privilege. Some are more privileged, some less. My wish is that when someone from a lower rung on the ladder of privilege speaks out about an issue that affects them, everyone above them on the ladder would take the opportunity to listen and learn and allow room for that…

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