VegGirl / Bio

Chy Sprauve (VegGirl) is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist and essayist that uses poetry, prose, drawings, film, and cultural theory to address the dynamics of race, class, sex, and (urban) space. Recognizing that these structures often operate on top of one another, she attempts to approach these phenomena in a way that acknowledges their interwoven nature. Other interests she has are in performance studies. She is interested in the performance of citizenship, race, and history.

She presented an original work combining poetry, academic writing, and film at her undergraduate English Honors conference. The paper examined the disembodying effects of gentrification on the Black body. In January 2012, Chy created, distributed, and sold an original zine, TwilightGirl on Projects, Poetry, and Yam-Eating, which examined the the concepts of “yam-eating” and freedom as described in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man via imagery, poetry, and critical analysis. She has performed her work at multiple programs, including her undergraduate commencement ceremony.

As I grow, so does this blog. I grapple with (over- and under-) consumption daily–and I implore other Black women to share their stories of consumption, gorging, and starving with me. Consumption is not limited to intake of food. We consume stress, classicism, sexism, and racism as well. We Black women do not often talk about our relationships with food, intake (of pain, anxiety, oppression, etc) and corpulence. We MUST. Our eating habits have always been political in America–and we need to recognize the links that exist between food, eating, and power. It is imperative that we treat our aching stomachs with more than food. We cannot continue to eat ourselves away. I am urging that a conversation be initiated. I’ll start.

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  1. Ifetayo M. Flannery says

    I love you Chy-squared!!.. lol, statisitcal jokes are one thing I consume. Perhaps the melodramatic performance of the “modern intellectual/ black woman” is a saucy flare we share. I believe in your cause- your ammunition, literary expression, is indeed a beautiful transmission of the conceptualized reality you see* And I see it too! :)


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