blacknectar • [blak-nek-ter] (noun)

1. fuel in the form of art, food, and policy.
2. nourishment that sustains, challenges, and inspires.
3. a propellant that is freeing, loving, and sustainable.
Origin: circa the dawn of project-making < revolution: edification
Example sentences:
• James Baldwin, Jean Toomer, Assata Shakur, and Frantz Fanon were (and are) so blacknectarous.
• I become more blacknectarific as I read, eat, and work on love.
• To make blacknectar, you’ll need: imagination, willingness, desire, and indignation.

This blog is about Black consumption–in regards to food, politics, art, and anything else we consume. I am interested in what we put in our bodies–psychically, physically, socially, and politically–because I am concerned with our health. I am also concerned with our space in this country and the world. The questions I will continue to ask are: What are we eating? What are we producing? What are we feeding other people and/or animals?

I don’t ever suggest I know the answers to these questions, and I don’t suggest that I am an authority on Blackness, food, people, or politics. I am, however, a concerned citizen with a fathomless, profound investment in Black progression (whatever that means). I’ll own that.


I discuss (via video) what this blog’s goal is here.

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